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I shoot 1860 Armys by Pietta a lot. CAS virtually every weekend. Mine are tuned to the peak of perfection for me. I rarely have any cap problems.
A question was asked on another forum as to "How accurately do your guns shoot?".
Most CAS shooters don't know other than they hit the plates.
I decided to try mine.
I loaded with normal care. Assumed the squaw grip(both hands) and fired them at 10 yards. Both guns shot inside of 3", one closer to 2". One was dead on the center of the bull and the other was 1.5" high. Both guns have had the hammer sight opened a bit for better sight acquisition
More than enough accuracy for the game we play and probably for most small game hunting.
I know they will hit 16" plates at about 50 yards but I have never attempted to shoot for groups at that range.
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