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Ok, went to the shop yesterday, asked for .38spl ammo, they had semijacketed soft point in +P, the +P part is very good beacause we had not had +P ammo available for years, that was because non of the exporters(Aguila, Armscor or S&B) produce +P ammo(at least they do not export to my country).
Now with Magtech we have a option for +P, I have 10 rounds of winchester sjhp +P that I cherish for years, along with 5 rounds of Remington SWCHP +P.
Maybe with the Magtech option I will be able to cycle my ammo, but I am not sure of the SJHP configuration, is it a good selfdefence design?, how does a SJHP work, is it similar to a HP??
Please teach Me

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