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And it is also possible for a smaller, lighter caliber to be precisely placed and not penetrate worth a darn.
Don't think there was anything in my post that precluded that possibility. In this case, that obviously didn't occur. However, in other cases, under other circumstances, with different light weight bullets, in a scenario not related to this thread----yes, could happen.

Shot placement is always the most important factor. There is't any argument there or anything to disagree with.

Bullet selection, while less important than shot placement, is much easier to argue about, and represents lots of variables and just as many opinions.

Such as the bullet that expands moderately, goes thru and thru, and leaves a blood trail to follow.

Or the quick expanding bullet that turns their lungs into soup and drops them in their tracks, "like lightening"--don't have to track 'em.

There are advocates of both philosophies.

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