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I have never hunted with dogs. When I was a kid I hated dog hunters. Where we live, as redneck has said, you can't hunt deer with dogs, but you can dog hunt coon, and bear. Problem with that was, you can't tell a bear not to come on your land, and the dogs follow the bear. Now we were poor, I mean no electricity or running water poor, so we NEEDED the deer and I don't' care what you say dogs run off deer. Bear hunters would have one run across us, well you couldn't buy any wild game for a week! When you rely on something, anything that takes it away you look down on. As I have grown up I have learned more about hunting, and thus more about dog hunting. I have been invited to go on a bear hunt and I most likely will, when I get a gun suitable for it. As for hogs, I have wanted to do that for a long time. We don't have many hogs here in Western NC. I really don't look on dog hunting with a bad light anymore as I have come to learn that where you live has more to do with how you hunt than anything. Still hunting is great in theory, but I doubt anyone will have much success mucking through a swamp in thick under brush Your going to make far too much noise to be effective and in the small scrub that seems to grow there more than anything, a stand is also mostly useless. If I had to hunt there, I imagine I would use dogs to drive the deer to a place that was accessible to me. JMHO.
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