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Here in Missouri, you can't hunt with dogs, but you can track with them to find a down animal. My favorite tracking dog you ask? Why it is my miniature Poodle. Lol!
Had one last year I lost in a corn field. I found blood spots and I just could not find her. I took the poodle with me to give her some exercise while I was looking again. She got on the trail to something and I decided to follow her. She led me right to the deer.
If you see a dog running deer, you are supposed to contact the local game warden and let them him/her know. Most folks I know claim they just shoot the dog. I do not agree with shooting anyone's dog unless it is a repeat offender and the owner has been notified of the infraction.
I envy you folks that do hunt with dogs. I think it would be exciting and quick paced, reguardless of what you were hunting.
My biggest concern would be the hog hunters. I would be afraid the dogs would be hurt.
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