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One of my epiphanies: No matter what I whirl around in my mind and think "Should be!",It doesn't matter to anyone but me.Its just in my head.

Now,realize,there is not a Fed law against murder(exception,violating civil rights by killing)Its a state law,and the state will prosecute.

Pot is illegal as a Fed law.A state can say"We don't care" but,you still violate a Fed law.Now,current admin says"We won't prosecute if you are not violating any other laws".The feds will still bust in a no pot state,and the Attyy General hates guns.

But,picture if you will,you are armed in your Chevy toking and you get pulled over.LEO smells pot and sees a gun.OK,you have your medcard.

But there is still Fed issues about guns and drugs and mandatory sentences,etc.And,you signed a Fed form that says "I don't use"

Fair,unfair,should be,agree,don't agree, philosophies and arguements don't matter.You are at the mercy.

Wow,dude,bummer,escaping reality is like way cool but reality shows up and applies a local area of low pressure.Well,it could maybe,like,you know?

Its cool Ask Dave.Man,Dave's not here.Lets go chase cars
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