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Dog hunting deer is legal in my county.
So, technically, I have no basis for a gripe unless the deer dog hunters do any of the following:
-release the dogs on property closed to dog hunting, say before daylight so as to reduce the likelihood of being caught, then place standers along the boundary to shoot at deer being run out by dogs (examples, WMA's, parks, adjoining leases/clubs that do not sanction dog hunts)
-trespass, armed, and when confronted, claim to be attempting recover their dogs
-listen/stand for extended periods of time while dogs run on closed property and make no attempt to recover the dogs
-tell me that "dogs can't read" (the boundary sign, etc) like I can't figure that out myself, when confronted about any of the above
Just one more case of the few messing it up for the masses... I guess we should just ban it huh? Regulate it to the point of impossibility so that we are no longer annoyed...

Oh, wait... The government is doing that already, only they are targeting much more valuable things than dog hunting...

"Use your rights or lose them..." So the saying goes; I think the real problem is that ethical, law-abiding dog hunters are a dying breed, so there aren't enough voices in the defense box to be heard over the "ban it cuz it's mean!" box... It is we who have failed ourselves; we did not pass on the tradition to the younger generations... So the tradition is lost. Tragedy or not (IYO), it's a loss to the hunting community as a whole...
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