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I believe that it is the English and Americans that classified dogs and stuck them into particular 'slots'.

As a child, Mom raised Dachshund's for show and was pretty po'd for me taking them hunting. They were great for .22LR sized game.

Dad brought home something that might be classified as an Airdale and Herman turned out to be the best hunting dog ever, I swear that the dog could read my mind.

Lucifer was an Afgan that belonged to my first wife. A national blue ribbon winner. $2K stud fee. He was also a deer and hogs worst nightmare.

Zach was a Gordon Setter who scored a 60 pt. duck on his first day in the field, unfortunately it wasn't duck season. He also didn't like deer and hog hunting. He was given to an avid duck hunter.

Abby was a German Sheperd and every bit as smart as Herman. Her main role was to protect my wife and small children, kudos to her. She also figured out her first hog in about 3 mins. and was heck on wheels after that, also my last dog.

I guess that what I'm saying is that with training most dogs will do what you train them to do if you work as a team and everybody is having a good time.

Back to the GSP's. I had an Uncle who had them exclusively and they always struck me as a one-man dog. They didn't even respond well to my aunt. Weimaraner's also fit into this catagory. JMO.
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