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I had a G.S.P. for over twelve years. Just used him for birds. I think they can be trained to do both, but I dont rabbit hunt, and did not want him running a rabbit when I was out bird hunting. A rabbit sent stays so the dog will follow it, a bird will break sent when it flys. I am sure there are ways to do both but like I said I was just into the birds. Do you like to hunt both, that is the question? If you do give it a try. If not why bother? By the way the G.S.P. is one great hunting dog. Everyone I know has there favorites but they are great in my book. The not so good things about them they are a very, very, high strung dog. They need alot of exercise or it will come out in a bad way around home. They are not for everyone. There not a dog to leave loose outside without being with them. There is no doubt they are runners and hyper has h_ _ _ ! There are some great hunting dogs that are better around home and sticking around, so be very carefull on the dog you get. Good luck Jim.
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