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Actually, the germans aren't the originators of versitile breeds. Most hunting breeds were versitile in origins. Most of the terriers have origins in Ireland and England. Poor folks needed dogs to control vermin and for hunting (or poaching as was the case in where the aristocrats controled ALL of the land). Only the rich had dedicated dogs like foxhounds, deer hounds, setters and guard dogs. Like stated, the it was the same throughout much of the US in the past. Mountain Curs, Airedales, Blackmouth Curs, assorted terriers, etc.

I don't have a problem with dogs dedicated to one type of hunting or one critter. I've had am and if I was to get into more nighttime coon hunting or back into pheasant hunt I may own some dedicated dogs. But for now I like to hunt about anything and having one dog to use is great. Less, dogs food, less poop, family pet that sleep on the floor next to me, etc etc.

As a guy once said on a hound site I visit every so often, " I've always though that some hounds were just trashy, now it appears that they were just high dollar versatile hunting dogs!"

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