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Medical Marijuana laws exempt you from that, like getting caught with a registered gun and some prescribed Oxicontin, you see.... if you can have a 40oz. and a shotgun in a car, why not 4:20? Oh yeah, there is a law known as "HIPPA (health information privacy protection act) so when you fill out the gun paper work, "do you use drugs" marijuana is an erb, a plant, classified under natural remedy. Ask a lawyer, all marijuana shop owners have guns in their store, a few months back a shop got robbed, and the owner came out shooting, got back the medicine and no charges were filed, cause cops hate criminals more than weed users. The law has limits, if you use marijuana and own a gun, it's the same (even worst) to be under alcohol or prescribe pills, (that make people cookoo). It's ok to own guns and be a 4:20 patient, How do i know, lets say i have taken the step to see "what happens" and "do something" 2 years later, i'm still ok.
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