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Another poster keyed me in on the existance of this site, and at first it seemed like a great thing. A Craigslist for guns. What's not to like?

What about putting a gun up for sale in your local, and getting a gazillion replies from out of state about "if we have to go through a FFL for this or...".

Why are people out of state even looking at other's states listings? Kind of defeats the point of a local listing doesn't it?

Some of these replies make me question if they're all from a bored ATF agent looking for someone to bag. Am I paranoid?

What's the likelihood of there actually being an agent trolling through Armslist and like sites trying to get people to agree to illegal transfers? I don't plan to make any, or I wouldn't if I knew, but I'm not a lawyer so I can't say I know everything.
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