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JARRED ROUX?????????????????????????

JARRED. ROUX???????????????????

I was just complementing the good man on a meal well done!

But, Jarred Roux? I make my own Roux, with Cooking Oil (preferably Canola) and All Purpose Flour. When that roux looks like Milk Chocolate (at minimum), or better yet, Dark Chocolate, it's ready to receive the onions, little bit of Bell Pepper, plenty Garlic, a little Celery and whole, fresh Basil.

Then You slowly, a little at a time, add Your Shrimp stock or Chicken stock, thinning tha Roux down. Pour in all Your liquid, once Your ROUX gets thinned, throw in all the meat OTHER THAN any Shrimp or Crab You might use (save that for last), turn the heat up high.

Save any Shrimp and/or Crab, until 5-10 minutes before You turn Your Gumbo off, and when the Shrimp and/or Crab goes in, throw in Your File'.

I'm from South Louisiana, grew up trawlin' (I have designed and built my own trawls), fishin' and huntin'. And, throughout my life, I've turned out to be a cook that is a force to be reckoned with!

There are several people that have called me The Gumbo King.

Anyone who uses JARRED ROUX, send me a PM, and I'll walk You Step by Step, on makin' a Roux that'll turn out a Gumbo that'll make You wanna Slap Ya Mamma.

I've got all You need to make a SoftShell CrabMeat Linguine Alfredo, FROM SCRATCH, if anyone can use it. It's of my own, and it'll deliver sock-less company. It'll knock 'dem socks off, Sha!

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