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I guy where I grew up allegedly tried to take on a deer without a firearm once. He was building a stand in a tree on his property, and was taking a break in the mostly finished stand, when a nice buck came walking by. He looked around and realized that he had nothing on him like a knife or pistol. The only thing he did have was a hammer. Supposedly it was a ball-peen hammer, but I don't know he would have had that in a tree stand with him.

Anyway, he waited until the buck was right underneath his stand, reared the hammer, and leapt onto the buck's back, grabbing the left antler in the left hand and thrashing the thing in the head with the hammer. Or at least, that was the intent. What really happened was that he was nearly killed by the deer and had to spend considerable time in the hospital. Again, I am not sure it's true, but people do some dumb stuff where I'm from, and I wouldn't put it past most of them.
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