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I want to know what is the advantage of going with the 590SP over the 500?
The ability to add a mag extension...
What is the real differnce in the 500 vs the 590SP?
The mag tube is open like an 870 so you can add mag tube extension. The 590 has a cast aluminum trigger guard and a metal safety button.
What is the real differnce in the 500 vs the 590SP?
No unless you mean cash outlay.
Would the 500 be a good combat shotgun or should I go to the 590SP for that?
6 well placed rounds from the 500 is plenty for my first volley...
I have never had mine fail under hard use.
What is the internal differnces of the 500 vs 590SP?
Only the cast body on the trigger group... far as I know.
What are the differnces in receivers of the 500 and 590SP?
What are the differnces in barrels of both models?
Thicker on the 590 (heavier) and the lug is a ring that fits over the mag tube...
If I go with the 500 can I update it with parts from the 590?
Yep... The metal safety button and cast trigger group can be swapped... The only one I would consider is the metal safety button but I don't seem to need it bad enuff to swap it and my 500 is my only HD gun and it is over 20 years old...
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