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Mossberg 500 vs 590SP

Ok since Im still looking and Im set on a Mossberg 12ga. I wanted to ask a question or two or more on the 500 and 590.

Im looking for all Mossberg info please no other models as I have a few other threads that can handle those answers there. Thanks

My questions-

I want to know what is the advantage of going with the 590SP over the 500?

What is the real differnce in the 500 vs the 590SP?

Would the 590SP be more then I would need for a HD/SD shotgun?

Would the 500 be a good combat shotgun or should I go to the 590SP for that?

What is the internal differnces of the 500 vs 590SP?

What are the differnces in receivers of the 500 and 590SP?

What are the differnces in barrels of both models?

If I go with the 500 can I update it with parts from the 590?

I dont hunt and I dont trap shoot Im just wanting a good shotgun that fits my budget, needs and wants. The Mossberg line up is in my budget and they seem to fit what Im looking for.

Thanks everyone for you help and time in answering my questions. I will be placing an order for the Mossberg at the end of next week when I get back in town and have a bit more of my questions answered.
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