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John, I was one of those military officers. You're right, I just did it for the money Made a lot too. How insulting! BTW what noble profession are you in?
If you just did it for the money why not be a plumber or some other neutral profession. You are deliberately distorting his point. There are different levels of obligation Cops and Soldiers feels from the mercenary to the patriotic and the goofs who are just there for a paycheck or college would be the first to disregard the BOR.

where do you suppose Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Coulter, Fox "news", Cheney, and so many others fit into this campaign of distortion, misrepresentation and outright lies?
Where are these lies? They have been gunning for Rush for 20+ years and this latest libelous debacle gives credence to his opinions in my book. They have to lie about him to fit him into this template.

So that am I missing? They want $30 for folks to feel good about themselves? This sort of reminds me of televangelists
or it could just remind you of a garden variety house of worship that passes the collection plate.
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