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Originally Posted by johnwilliamson062
I meet many police officers, military officers, etc, who have taken an oath and I very seriously doubt they really thought about it or value it...Many are just in it for a paycheck or college tuition.
John, I was one of those military officers. You're right, I just did it for the money Made a lot too. How insulting! BTW what noble profession are you in?

Originally Posted by johnwilliamson062
Are we headed that way? It is pretty much the nature of all government to head that direction.
Really, well we've had 233 years and counting. How close are we to rebellion? Oh, that's right we have MORE freedoms today than in 1776.

Originally Posted by johnwilliamson062
The next Lee Harvey Oswald or Timothy Mcveigh will almost certainly be an NRA life member. Are any of you canceling your memberships?
Sure, when they start advocating stupid oath taking and other kooky fringe ideas.

Originally Posted by johnwilliamson062
What would the site of a group with the same fundamental message as the oath takers but toned down to what you are comfortable with read like?
Why don't they just dispense with the scary far out stuff that is not going to happen and work towards REAL political change that keeps our rights protected rather than encourage our public servants not to follow orders or do their duty. Might work much more effectively.
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