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I meet many police officers, military officers, etc, who have taken an oath and I very seriously doubt they really thought about it or value it. Many are just in it for a paycheck or college tuition. I don't think it is odd that this group wants to differentiate themselves from a wider less conscientious group of their peers. I think anyone who says that every, or even most, US military or police hold their oaths of office near and dear to their heart is kidding themselves. How many out of those groups could repeat their oaths back today? If they can't, they obviously do not take them seriously.

Some of the statements on their site are at the least a little aggressive and a little doom and gloom. I think anyone who says we are currently at a point where rebellion is necessary is crazy. Are we headed that way? It is pretty much the nature of all government to head that direction.

The next Lee Harvey Oswald or Timothy Mcveigh will almost certainly be an NRA life member. Are any of you canceling your memberships?

What would the site of a group with the same fundamental message as the oath takers but toned down to what you are comfortable with read like? Do you all generally think that joining a group which reaffirms you take your oath of office seriously is bad in general? Is there anything on that list that you would want an officer of the government to do? I might have trouble with swearing not to enter a state in rebellion under arms. I don't know, I would have to think on that. It would certainly be a ------ day, but I think there would be a good number of circumstances in which i would do it.

All joking about the availability of fresh fruit aside, we used concentration camps in WWII. Did any of you watch he Siege and say to yourselves "This is absolutely appalling. This could never happen."? If terrorists supposedly had a nuke in NY City I hate to think of what the government would resort to in trying to stop its detonation. Maybe that situation justifies throwing the constitution out the window.

Despite what other parts of the website say the scope of membership qualification seems to be 1. Having taken an oath of service and 2. willingness to follow those ten rules.
I would have trouble judging anyone who met those qualifications harshly. Think of a northerner who sat out the civil war b/c he thought it was unconstitutional. Does that sound crazy? Craxy dangerous man?

Sometimes I like having a rabid senseless bulldog, such as GOA, in the fight. The ACLU has made the strategy work for decades.
$0 of an NRA membership goes to legislative action or court battles. Not a dime. Only money contributed to the NRA-ILA or NRA-PVF. Second Amendment Foundation is a solid alternative.
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