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yes, you need to read the target line - and take into account if its quartering or crossing - and the lead will be different.

You also need to look at whether the target is under power / or losing speed - because the rate of decent will slow as it loses speed and your lead will change again - depending on where you intend to break it.

My best recommendation - shoot some Skeet / get your leads down on a Skeet field - and shoot some singles Trap / and some continental Trap (where you have a faster bird / and bigger and higher and lower angles ) and get a feel for all 3 games - as you transition into Sporting Clays.

And on Rabbits / just get mean and aggressive ...

My buddy tells me all the time - look at the "leading edge" not the butt ...and focus so much, you can see the rings on the target .... / now I couldn't see the rings on a target anymore, unless I had a 7 power pair of magnifiers on .... but see the leading edge, kill the leading edge .... see the butt ( you might be behind it all the way ) - and "feel" the lead / don't measure it ....

Find the bird, insert the gun into and on the target line - match the target line and the speed of the target with sustained lead - and kill it (and never ever, look at your barrel ) watch the target break, keep your gun moving and follow thru - then don't move the gun, shift your eyes, to find the 2nd target - then repeat above ...... ( sounds easy ...but its not )... but as long as you're having fun, who cares...
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