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Noob question regarding NFA receivers

Hey guys...

I was talking with someone the other day and explaining the process one must go through to own a pre-ban NFA firearm to a friend and this question came up: What if the receiver breaks? This got me thinking...

Please note that I'm not asking for advice nor am I planning on rebuilding one, I'm simply curious as to the laws themselves.

Say that you're firing a full-auto M16 and it, for sake of argument, explodes (or egg-holes irreparably, for you a-types). Your receiver is basically worthless and you no longer have a pre-ban NFA rifle. Can you rebuild the receiver? For instance, say it split PERFECTLY in two... can you forge it back into a full receiver using a mated piece? In other words, what extent can it be repaired to before it truly no longer qualifies as a pre-86 receiver.

Again, understand that I'm not asking if it's practical, or if it's cost-effective - I'm asking about the legal ramifications. I think questions like this will start arising once NFA guns start wearing out and the remaining supply wears even thinner.

Thanks =)
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