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Yup. After the guns had been confiscated. After the citizens had been assaulted and battered, under color of law. The Courts are a great place to correct the wrong, after the wrong has been committed.
I know what you mean. Democracy sucks.
Certainly, but you've missed the point. A remedy once a wrong is committed is not an impediment to the wrong. Refusing to engage in the wrong before it happens has an obvious value.

France gave us democracy in 1787 and it was a bloody horror, the mother of modern totalitarianism. Let's not permit liberties to be abused so long as it is done by majority vote.

So just who is doing the fear mongering here?
Let's see, concentration camps, foreign troops on our soil depriving us of liberty, states right to secede from the union, blockading cities, martial law, detention camps, taking of food from the populace by military force. Al, are you serious? Do you think in the face of this I am fear mongering?
Since these are merely activities in which these people say they will not participate, but you present the group somewhat differently for discussing the topics, it would be reasonable to conclude that you are fear mongering without due justificaion.

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