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Originally Posted by Antipitas
Yup. After the guns had been confiscated. After the citizens had been assaulted and battered, under color of law. The Courts are a great place to correct the wrong, after the wrong has been committed.
I know what you mean. Democracy sucks. Many time folks are wronged and have to then go to court where the wheels of justice grind slow but they grind fine. I guess those citizens should have fought the police with their guns rather than let the law take care of the problem in due course later on.

Is that what you and Oath Keepers are proposing? Surely not. Without a doubt the government does oppressive and bad things from time to time. Sort of a human thing I guess as the leaders of government are human. Me, I like the idea of a nation of laws not men. Nagin was sued by the NRA and the NRA settled the case. I guess they felt they achieved restitution enough but you don't think so. Of course legally the RKBA does not now apply to the states and hasn't in 200 years but our courts will fix that in June next year right? Yeah, Nagin is an idiot and might get away with the gun grab unless he loses the next election.

Yeah the democratic system of law sucks, unless of course you compare it to any other system.

Originally Posted by Antipitas
They do endorse that those considering membership, remember their sworn oath and hold to it. Oath Keepers mission is to remind us of that oath.
I don't need to be reminded of something I took seriously to begin with.

Originally Posted by Antipitas
The older laws did not curtail crime. New laws have not curtailed crime.
You lost me here. Law never curtails crime as far as criminals go. Only honest people obey the law. Enforcing the law curtails crime. As my daddy used to say: "locks are for honest folk." Are you saying then that individuals should enforce the law as they see fit as opposed to officers of the court and law?

Originally Posted by Antipitas
Oath Keepers is not a militia movement,
Same song, different tune. the government is out to get you and FEMA is a parallel government blah blah. BTW I used to work with FEMA a whole lot and the thougth of them running us is laughable.

Originally Posted by Antipitas
Add to this that S.W.A.T. magazine endorses the group should say something about their legitimacy. Neither Denny Hansen (Editor) nor Rich Lucibella (Owner of the mag and TFL) would put their names behind an illegitimate organization.
I am sorry. I didn't know that TFL officially endorsed the Oath Keepers.

Originally Posted by Antipitas
So just who is doing the fear mongering here?
Let's see, concentration camps, foreign troops on our soil depriving us of liberty, states right to secede from the union, blockading cities, martial law, detention camps, taking of food from the populace by military force. Al, are you serious? Do you think in the face of this I am fear mongering?

Did you notice Mr. Stewart has a place to donate money to his cause? Follow the money.
"God and the Soldier we adore, in time of trouble but not before. When the danger's past and the wrong been righted, God is forgotten and the Soldier slighted."
Anonymous Soldier.

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