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Add to this that S.W.A.T. magazine endorses the group should say something about their legitimacy. Neither Denny Hansen (Editor) nor Rich Lucibella (Owner of the mag and TFL) would put their names behind an illegitimate organization.

So just who is doing the fear mongering here?
The above quote appears to be a good example of argumentum ad verecundiam, that the endorsers would not endorse something bad (and have not made a mistake doing so), hence there should be no problem with that which is endorsed.

Endorsements are nice and all, but don't mean too much to me. I have seen too many examples of very good people, very reputable people who endorsed things that turned out to be garbage, sometimes for various financial incentives, sometimes out of real or perceived commonalities, sometimes out of professional courtesies, sometimes out of naivete, and sometimes because they were out and out duped. Sometimes those making such endorsements simply have a different agenda from mine, even if they are very good people.

So just because people of note have endorsed the group is fine, but I can't see changing my mind about the organization on that sort of basis. To do so would mean that I would be doing nothing more than blindly following the lead of the endorsers...which sort of gets back to the original problem of cops and military folks who blindly follow illegal orders given to them.
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