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I understand that some might not like this group for sociological reasons, but not liking or trusting the sort of people you think they are is hardly an indictment of an idea.

So... when I looked at their website, they completely lost me with this:

"If you, the American people, are forced to once again fight for your liberty in another American Revolution, you will not be alone. We will stand with you."
Do I have this right? There are NO conditions attached to the above statement, are there? These folks -- whose whole point, ostensibly, is that they're explicitly sworn to uphold the Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic" -- are saying that they'd support an attempt to overthrow the Government. The, um, Constitutionally mandated, duly elected Government.
Except that the statement doesn't offer help in overthrowing constitutional government. That the specific statement doesn't detail each circumstance underwhich they envision assistance or refusal to follow specific orders doesn't reasonably entitle a reader to conclude that they would oppose any and all government acts.

They can't have it both ways. This goes well beyond reminding those who serve that they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.
It is not "having it both ways" to swear to uphold the COTUS and to oppose with force those who depart from constitutional practice. The two principles are fully consistent.

Combined with the fearmongering which TG rightly points out, it's not a pretty picture, no matter how they try to dress it up in ersatz patriotism.
I wouldn't present myself as they have, but it isn't a reasonable extension of a difference in presentation to conclude that their love of country (not government) is inferior to my own or your own.

For those reasons, I believe that your analysis inadequately distinguished between the COTUS, government and country.
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