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No apologies needed for any hijacks, guys! I just wan't getting any answers to my direct question of would you let the guide know to watch out for him in the future...

Oh, and this guys smokes it for sure, since he showed me the 3 or 4 left-over, half smoked roaches he had in his car when he offered me some.

He just didn't use any at that time or during the rest of the day (small 29 foot boat; absolutely, 100% impossible for us to not have known or seen or smelled), and I'm pretty sure he hadn't smoked that morning prior to meeting us since he was completely sober (at least he seemed to be).

But there is just no way in hell I would rat the guy out to the cops; that's just not me. Does that make me responsible for anyone he maybe hurts one day? I don't know, maybe it does; I can't tell where the line gets drawn.

It worked out ok in this instance; he told the guide himself that he self medicates and the guide asked him not to when hunting and he agreed, and the guide was thankful for the heads up, so that makes me happy.
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