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I apologize for my hi-jacking as well, but I felt that discussing the ramifications, effects and politics would have helped to shine light on the situation. Unfortunately, due to political beliefs and opinions, it's easy for this topic to denigrate into a poorly vetted political debate.

It sounds like the "guilty" party was using it for medicinal purposes and didn't even use, anyway, making the point null and void. The fact of the matter is: thanks to the bill of rights we are able to voice our opinion and concern over any issues that arise in our everyday life and it takes a LARGE mistake to do something that is "unacceptable" in terms of voicing our opinions.

Scrap, do whatever you feel you need to do in this situation. You may feel the need to report this to the police on the extreme (as he is mixing potential illegal narcotics with firearms), talk to him personally (as he seems like someone you know and talking to him about may solve the problem) or you can just live with it if you're comfortable with it (as you elude to being).
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