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However "Class III" is common speak for the weapons regulated by the NFA and the people who deal in them. "Slang" I think it is called.
Ignorance is what I call it.

Do you get this worked up when someone calls a cartridge a "bullet"? The bullet is only part of the cartridge right?
Yes. I correct everyone every time. It's lack of education and intelligence.

Howabout calling a helicopter a "chopper"? They don't do any chopping unless the pilot is doing something very wrong.
A helicopter is a helicopter. It is not a chopper.

Class III is common and accepted slang. There are several title II (NFA) dealers who refer to themselves as class III dealers on their websites. Is it because they are stupid? They are showing their ignorance? Or is it because MOST people (their paying customers) know that 'class III' means 'registered machineguns, short barrels, and suppressors'. MOST people don't know what the heck a SOT is.
They are showing their ignorance and are catering to idiots who are too stupid to own an NFA weapon let alone a sharp stick. If they want to dumb themselves down to that level, that's their business. I am a stickler for nomenclature. People that call the .30-'06 the thirty-odd six instead of thirty-ought six drive me up the wall and get scolded.

Bottom line: If you are going to talk about something or represent yourself has a profession in dealing with the item, know the proper terminology and use it. First thing I think of when I see "Class 3 dealer" on someone's website is, "what a ****ing idiot".
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