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My single concern, honestly, is would his intoxication be a safety concern, and if so, does the guide have a right to know. It would not be in a "ratting the guy out", nor would anyone be informing law enforcement or anything of that nature.

Just a "Hey man, whatever you do in your private time is your business, but you just can't get high before you hunt, ok?"

Bingo and thanks for bringing this back to your original post. ....

Be Safe !!!
Yes, thank you; everyone keeps going back to "turn the guy in to the cops" and "what if he cheated on his taxes, would you report him for that??" etc etc, LOL.

Look, this is the point of my queston:

I hunt with this guide very often, and I consider him to a be a friend, and as such that makes me even more concerned for his safety (I would still be concerned if he was a stranger, of course), as well as for the safety of his other clients, in the future when this guy hunts with him again.

So I just want the guide to know to be able to watch out for any signs of this guy being high next time he comes hunting. NOT to turn him into the cops, NOT to bar him from ever hunting again (either with or without this guide), NOT to get all up in his business, NOT to debate the moral & legal issues, etc etc.

Because I aint no damn rat, especially when it's not something that is hurting anyone.

Hell, say he had smoked up before the hunt, then I would have politely but firmly insisted that he not come on the hunt, but there was never a thought of calling the police. I know that may ruffle the feathers of many law enforcement individuals, but that's a personal choice and it's just how I feel about it. If he does god forbid hurt someone some day, then I will probably blame myself till the day I die (which may be that same day if I don't realize he's high).

So, just simply: "Should I let the guide know to keep an eye out for his possible intoxication and / or maybe tell him before hand when he books a hunt that he must please refrain from smoking weed before & during any hunts, because it is a safety issue?"

Anyway, I made my mind up and I did call the guide and I let him know about this situation, and it turns out that the guy actually had told the guide later that day that he uses weed for his pain management!

And the guide simply stated at the time that he would like him to please not smoke any before or during the hunts, nor to bring any with him on board his boat since he would risk losing his vessel (and therefore his livelihood).

And he was very grateful to me for letting him know, as he obviously can't afford to risk any accidents to himself, his kid, his clients, or his equipment.

He has no problem with the guy coming on any future hunts; he just would like him to abstain while handling guns.

And the guy was understanding & ok with that request.

I think that all worked out nicely, yes?
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