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A dealer FFL is $200 initial for 3yrs and the SOT, Special Occupational Tax, is $500 yearly. You must pay the SOT to deal in NFA weapons. A manufacturer is $150/3yrs and $1,000 yearly (or $500 for small manufacturers. I think importer is the same stuff for manufacturer.

There isn't a such thing as a Class 3 dealer or Class3 weapon. There is a Class 3 SOT, an NFA dealer, and NFA weapons.

The ban on civilian ownership of full auto weapons was enacted on May 19, 1986. The importation of automatic weapons for civilians was enacted in 1968.

There are three types of automatic weapons in the US.

Fully transferable
These are domestic manufacture prior to 1986 or imported prior to 1968. These are civilian legal and command a high price (supply/demand).

Pre 1986 Dealer Sample (pre-86 sample)
These are weapons imported after 1968 but before 1986. These do not require a demonstration letter by a LE agency to transfer between SOTs. When a dealer gives up his SOT, he may transfer these to himself by paying a $200 tax and filing Form 1 for every weapon. These are priced between transferable and post 86 guns. Other than the "keeper" rule, they are not civilian legal.

Post 1986 Dealer Sample( post May sample)
These are basically new manufacture from May of 1986 to current production. These can only be transfered between SOTs if they have a demo request letter from an LE agency or government entity. These are not civilian legal. When the dealer gives up his SOT status, he must destroy them or transfer them out of his inventory, demo letter, etc.

Example of pricing for something like an AK47 automatic rifle would be $600-800 for a post 1986 sample, maybe $4-5,000 for a pre 1986 sample, and a fully transferable one would probably go $10,000 or higher. (Just pulling numbers out of the sky for illustrative purposes.)

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