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Originally Posted by Scrap5000, in his original post:
... I could tell he was not intoxicated, and so I didn't mind hunting with him. ...
In other words, he handled his gun safely, didn't make the boat unstable, didn't set the blind on fire... If he did none of those things, then what does it matter what the state of his blood chemistry was? Whatever he had or had not ingested, his manual skills and judgement weren't apparently impaired, and his behavior provided no risks. What more than that do you require of him? That he keep the law? What if he cheated on his income tax, or broke the speed limit, or talked on his cell phone while driving? Cut the guy some slack- if his use of Mexican Laughing Weed compromised my legal position in terms of possession, then I wouldn't associate with him. But simply knowing how he self-medicates wouldn't affect how I'd relate to him if what he took (legal or not) didn't affect how he acted. If he was clumsy, or unsafe, or behaved in some way that made me uncomfortable, then I wouldn't want to be around him when he was handling a loaded shotgun in a crowded boat, no matter what it was that made him that way, legal or not.

My dad used to hunt and fish with a guy, his best friend, who fell out of boats, accidently fired his .30-30 in the cabin about every other trip, walked through the watch and got lost for 2 days killing the hunt as everyone had to look for him, and generally had no manual skills to speak of. I thought him to be too big of a risk but my dad and the others in the group loved the guy so tolerated his inadvertent antics, albeit while keeping a close eye on him. It finally got so bad that my uncle, who went on the hunting trips, asked me to load some .30-30's that looked and felt like live rounds but wouldn't fire, that he could secretly substitute. So for the last 3 or 4 years that they hunted, his rifle wouldn't fire, but he never caught on because he never saw any deer. I suspect that bagging a white tail wasn't really the point of the trip in those later years anyway, the nightly poker games, dirty jokes, cigars and Martinis, and walks in the fall woods with dear lifelong friends were, the guns really just props left over from different purposes for going on a "hunting trip".
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