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Trooper, I`ll grant you that by offering to let someone else smoke his stuff is illegal but if Scraps group live`s in a state where MJ is legal for medicinal purpose`s then by just simply smoking it himself, I can`t see where he broke anymore laws than someone handling a gun while taking pain killers, anti-depressants,etc. I know many people from many professions that are on some kind of mind altering prescription drug and function normally/safely everyday. Some are friends of mine and LEO`s. Which brings up a point, are all LEO`s and Firemen exempt from daily random drug/alcohol testing? I know when the Fed Guidelines for testing came out, FOP and our local Fire Union lobbyed very hard to get exempt and won. Doesn`t seem right as most all our other civil servants, especially those with CDL`s are randomly() tested.
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