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you know what... I'm conflicted. Nobody should mix marijuana, alcohol or mind altering drugs with firearms... but... in a case that marijuana is prescribed medicinally I see it as nothing more than a simple pain killer for chronic pain. I also don't see a couple of beers as an issue, because I know that personally I can drink 3-5 beers before I feel anything other than a stiffness in my shoulders. But I know that different people have different reactions to such things (such as I've got a friend that is solid drunk after 2 drinks).

So, here's my new, rethought advice: unless you personally know that that person can handle that type of chemical in that type of dosage and still be fine, it's fine for you. But, if you're uncomfortable with it, do whatever you feel is right. It's not my place to tell you what your opinions on drugs/alcohol should be, but you should be more tolerant of what certain substances do what to certain people.

Scrap, if I were in your position and was uncomfortable: I would have turned him in. If I were in your position, though, I doubt I'd be uncomfortable enough to turn anyone in. Just a difference of opinion on certain issues.
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