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Boy, I think there are more important considerations to be taken into account than a guy's preferred drink or smoke. If someone is unsafe in their behavior, regardless of whether they are drunk, high, hyper-active, or stupid, they should be asked to unload their weapon, and refrain from participating in the rest of the hunt. If you can't tell, and his behavior would otherwise be normal and acceptable, you really shouldn't express things any further than your discomfort with the use of inebriant substances while hunting, and make a personal decision (like the other members of the party) whether to take part in the hunt. I personally do not use any kind of drug while hunting or shooting, and never have. I drink alcohol regularly, have smoked marijuana regularly in the past, and never felt any lure to anything harder. I doubt very much whether a joint (even one of those "high potency" joints) would cause anything but a failure to respond to a target in time. I've never witnessed anyone become animated, wild, or erratic under the influence of pot, just slower moving, and prone to pontification. Alcohol while hunting does concern me greatly, and is far more prevalent in the shooting sports than pot. Alcohol causes a real loss of control both mentally and physically unless consumed in strict moderation (something which hunting trips away from the wife and kids aren't known for). Even an alcohol hangover is dangerous when armed. Alcohol producers even tailor a wide variety of promotional products to the hunting sports market, I even saw a pretty impressive selection of liquor flasks for sale at an NRA national convention in Milwaukee. Every one of us who hunts knows plenty of fellow hunters who drink heavily the night before a hunt, drink while hunting, or with lunch on a hunt, so let's not blow things out of proportion here. No substances while hunting is best, but we don't get to make anybody's decisions but our own, and the real call is whether or not to go along.
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