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Thanks TYME

G'day. Thank you for your detailed updated post.

Originally Posted by tyme
Maintenance downtime on Mon, Oct 19


TFL will be offline for maintenance on Monday at roughly 12pm (noon) to 1pm CDT (central U.S. daylight time), in order to add more memory to the server. Barring alien abductions or other strange phenomena, the upgrade should take less than an hour.

1300-1400 (1pm-2pm) EDT atlantic coast U.S. time
1000-1100 (10am-11am) PDT pacific coast U.S. time
0400-0500 (4am-5am Tuesday) AEDT Australian eastern daylight time (NSW)
2000-2100 (8pm-9pm) Baghdad time
0100-0200 (1am-2am Tuesday) in China (also Taiwan and Hong Kong)
2230-2330 (10:30pm-11:30pm) in India

1700-1800 GMT/UTC/Zulu

The scheduled time hasn't changed, I just added a bunch more timezones.

This was originally planned for Friday, but plans never go according to plan. I couldn't get ahold of anyone to confirm that I could get into the colo.
I could not help but LMBO when I saw all of the diferent time zones listed. Still needed to adjust for my time zone.
I can do the math myself. 1700 + 1000 - 2400 = 0300. This means I should be asssleep while it all happens.
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