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.30 Cal Browning Machine Gun

There have been some recent posts regarding cost of machine guns and payment options, etc., so I thought this might be a good time to throw this out there.

A good friend of mine has the above machine gun, and says he has had his fun with it and is considering finding a new home for it. Problem is, it seems to be a rare enough bird that he's got no good idea of what to ask in the way of US dollars. He's not looking to get rich, but he's not wanting to be stupid either.

My friend is totally non-computerized, and I told him I'd probe around and see what I could come up with. (and I'm barely computerized)

I haven't seen a lot of dialogue concerning guns of this nature, and could use any help that would point me in the right direction. Most of the folks around here seem most interested in the smaller stuff.

The specifics of this weapon are M-37, .30 cal. (30-06 link-belt fed), manufactured by Rock Island Arsenal in the 50's. This is not generally considered a hand-held weapon, unless you're John Rambo or maybe the Governator. He has a tripod for ground mount, and a swivel mount for the jeep; also extra barrels and what-nots.

I'd love to have conversation with anyone with experience/knowledge with this gun, and it's value. (even ball park) Open forum is fine, or PM me to hook you up with the owner. Everything is and must remain legit and above board. jd
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