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I believe that Allan's Armory has several, both with military sights and with target competition sights. I have no connection to Allan's Armory except that I have purchased several historical rifles there and my experience has been consistently excellent. Allan rated my M96 as very good. I rate it as excellent. He is very conservative in his ratings.

If I recall, there was a thread on "Who shoots 6.5 x 55" here on The Firing Line. It was there that I learned about the wooden blank adapter when I noted that I had purchased 200 wooden rounds for about $19. My hope was that I could use them for very inexpensive target ammo. The blank adapter can still be purchased on some of the C&R merchants' sites.

For a rifle made in 1910, I can hardly believe the quality of the metal finish. It is almost perfect. The wood has a few, minor dings here and there, but also is in very fine condition. For me, it is almost like a new rifle.

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