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NOTHING wrong with TGSCOM, especially the prices!

I hate it when people say "don't do business with XYZ" but then do not get SPECIFIC with their complaint.

I am here to counter the TGSCOM slander by mentioning my experience. It is all factual. I am not related to TGSCOM in any way...

- I bought a Glock 19 in CA-legal configuration (2 10-rd mags instead of the usual). The price was EXCELLENT! ($479 I think).

- Their web site credit card processing has problems dealing with virtual credit card numbers. Their email system internally is all screwed up, and didn't send me a notification email of this trouble, until a couple of weeks later.

- I called them 3 days after placing the order as I had not received an email confirmation. I had to wait almost 20 minutes on hold, but once I got through, I got everything straightened out with the Customer Service rep in about 5 minutes. He was VERY polite and VERY eager to please. I have nothing but the very BEST things to say about this interaction.

- I received my Glock a few days later (at the FFL of course). It was in a Glock factory-sealed box with the seal intact. The contents of the box were exactly as expected, with everything in perfectly new condition, and complete. There was nothing that could have been improved upon.

TGSCOM has a funny feature on their web server: if certain types of errors occur, they display not the default error message, but another one, explaining that their web site developers need to be replaced with smarter, harder working ones, and would you please send your resume if you are interested!!! Clearly, they understand that their web server infrastructure is not what it should be. My experience with the credit card validation, and with the delayed notification email, support this. However, they more than make up for this, IMO, with their EXCELLENT prices and great customer service.

I think I can live with a 20 minute hold time if I am saving $100 or more on the purchase of a gun from this website, over the prices charged elsewhere.

Overall, I encourage people to support TGSCOM and not hesitate to buy from them, based on my one experience shopping there. I would definitely buy from them again.

Just my opinion; your mileage may vary.
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