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As for the scorched/singed hair, my NZ buddy says that done properly, you cannot tell it wasn't taken off in water. Also, if you wish to dunk and scrape, DO NOT USE BOILING WATER!!! The temp has to be between 185 and 200... Any higher and it actually anchors the hair tighter. You dunk real quick and scrape, repeating until hair is gone.

I also attest to the value of the skin left on... When I make a "griller" up for folks, they pay out the nose for my service and ingredients.

You will buy a pound of fat back and the largest roll of HEAVY DUTY brand name foil or 2 for wrapping. I stuff the gut and stitch it up with stainless tie wire and then have to 100% completely wrap to seal the whole thing or it will not be really up to snuff...
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