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Matty, most Fridays around 11 I can be found at PGC Trap and Skeet near NASA in Greenbelt. Come on down and shoot. After the Geezer Squad completes its usual rounds of Chinese Trap,etc, I'll be glad to walk you through a round or two and help you with your form and techniques.

BTW, my skeet scores reek. That's due mostly to shooting other stuff.

Ever try 5 stand?

If you need a suitable shotgun,let me know and I'll throw an extra in the truck.

[I]There's one or two around here someplace.....[I]

Look for a gray Cherokee. Pun intended.

VUPD, if a shotgun makes it through one of Awerback's torture sessions, I care not a whit if it has pink Naugahyde upholstery and curb feelers.

It's a keeper.

Again, if anyone spent more last year on ammo and range fees than on stuff from the catalogs, it really doesn't matter how much or how little, they or you, spent on the latter.
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