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I built-up my two twins to be identical, the green one as a backup to the tan one. The stocks are SpeedFeed short LOP stocks (without the speedfeed feature), the forends are Hogues, they both have 6 round side saddles and the Big Dot Tactical TFO sights from TruGlo. The light is a TLR1 on a Streamlight Magazine Tube Mount. Both guns started life as Wingmasters. The tan one is a 18.5" barreled version with a Choate +2 and the green one is a 21" barreled version with a Choate +3.

I picked the stocks because I wanted a pistol grip stock that was NOT adjustable and this one fits me better than the others I tried. I get proper shouldering and cheek-weld, and that makes for accurate shots. I chose 6 round saddles because that's really the only way to get extra shells onboard in a grab-and-go situation where they don't get in the way. The Hogue forends make for a very "grippy" texture and help make the gun more controlable on follow-up shots when you're aggressively running the action. I went with the light setup I have because I didn't want the added weight of a forend light and because the light fits me in the position it's in. My arms are long and I grip the forend at the extreme end of it and I can manipulate the TLR easily. I opted against a remote switch because I didn't want to risk getting it entangled in the action, or elsewhere. The sights were decided on because of the kind of work these guns were built to do and the ammunition selection that I have chosen for them. They are "go-to" guns, not hunting arms, so an easily acquirable, low-light capable sight was a strong selling feature. I keep these loaded with 00buck, and I don't intend to ever use slugs, so a big flat dot works (and works well).

All the above being said, I ran the hell out of the tan gun in YFA's Tactical Shotgun class this past August. Mine was one of the few guns in the class that didn't fail at some point, and I felt that I ran it well. After running and gunning for 3 days under the direction of Louis Awerbuck, I learned that my shotgun worked for me, and I wouldn't change a thing...

As usual, YMMV....
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