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Sound like your on your way to some fun shotgun shooting! Congrads on the new shotty!!!

I've rebuilt 2 870's (one for me, one for the wife) Mine uses a 20 inch rifle sighted barrel (Remington barrel with Williams Fire Sights) and choke tubes, the wife uses a 21 in VR barrel with Williams Fire sights and changeable choke tubes. Both shotguns have Tac-star 8 shot mags, Wilson Combat sling plates, wood stocks and Limb Saver recoil pads.

Are they Tatical? I dont know, but they are great all purpose shotguns that we use for both HD and hunting. Never have to change a barrel, just a choke tube! Most of the time its only MOD and Full chokes in the guns, MOD for HD, small game, birds and deer, Full for those dang crows that just wont come close enough! LOL!
I found slugs will clove leaf at 100 yards with the mod chokes......cant ask for anything better.

Good luck with the 870, and dont mind the forum rats, every board has'm.

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