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How important is hunting to you?
Father always said you won't hunt long if all you care about is taking a deer.
Gotta love just being out in the woods. I do. Deer hunting does get you up a lot earlier to see the woods wake up.

Ballgame over hunting. Never (unless the kids are playing)

Your best girl wants you to spend that same afternoon with her.
Family does come first but she wouldn't be my best girl if she gave me that choice.

vacation resort or hunting cabin?
Hunting, unless I'm alone, the camaraderie is a big part of the appeal. After 25 plus years of hunting with pretty good success, I'm more excited to take less experienced hunters out and I work harder to get them a deer than myself.

is hunting a priority? I was more rabid about it when i was younger sometimes family commitments cause me to change plans. Following thru on commitments is more important but hunting is definitely up there.
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