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reloader28 .. right on.

Did some 'experiments' on coyotes a few years ago. From 221 to 375H&H [221fb, 222, 222mag, 223,22-250, 220S, 243, 6mm, 270, 7x57, 7MMM, 308, 30-06, 358, 375H&H]. The 22 CFs with Hornady SX or Sierra Blitz pushed along at a good clip killed right now! Even with some not so perfect positioning of the shot. Seldom even made an exit hole. Shock! Saw many coyotes run quite a distance with a larger calibre hole through them ... some dragging vitals along. :barf: One hit in lung area with 358 was literally rolled over, then jumped up and ran 425 paces 'til he bled out!

Still I would choose a larger calibre for some of the pigs/boars I have seen. I like slower speed than is typical with something like Roy Weatherby's magnums, as speed does not kill in this case. 30-30 and 45-70 have worked fine. 41M in handgun, too.
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