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Concealing a handgun safe

Based on the advice I received here (thanks), I ordered a childproof steel box with electronic keypad for my S&W 686, which should be sufficiently large to hold a few other valuables too. I realize it's not fireproof, and that a determined thief with time and tools could defeat it, but I have additional insurance and a home alarm system, and don't see that as a big deal. It's only "stuff" after all.

This box is about the size of an encyclopedia length/width-wise and 7.5" high. I think that's a little too tall to go under the bed, so my thoughts now are to use Tapcons or something similar to secure it to the tile/concrete floor in the corner of our bedroom and have my wife find or make a presentable fabric cover for it. We could then put a silk flower or something on top and I don't think it would be very obvious. I was even thinking of a tall rectangular basket with a fake bottom that would fit over it completely.

Any other ideas? Mounting the box to the drywall anywhere is out, a strong screwdriver would dislodge it quickly, and even if I hit the studs it would be easy to pry and get a hacksaw behind it to cut the screws.

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