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armsmaster270: They are defniitely controlled by the states as well...this is a response I received a few years ago from a Leader in the NY D.E.C. Game Bird Unit (Font made red by me, and please PM me if anyone would like his contact info):

Hi - your question was forwarded to me for a reply. The simple answer is that the legal definition of game birds in New York based on the Environmental Conservation Law (section 11-0103), does not include the family of birds that doves belong to (Columbidae).

Go to, where you should find:

(1) "Migratory game birds" means the Anatidae or waterfowl, commonly
known as geese, brant, swans and river and sea ducks; the Rallidae,
commonly known as rails, American coots, mud hens and gallinules; the
Limicolae or shorebirds, commonly known as woodcock, snipe, plover,
surfbirds, sandpipers, tattlers and curlews; the Corvidae, commonly
known as jays, crows and magpies.

To change this would require an act by the Legislature, not DEC. So if you wish to pursue the establishment of a dove hunting season in NY, you should contact a member of the NY State Senate or Assembly to make them aware of your views.

Thanks for asking.
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