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Its the same reason most easterners use slug guns and 45/70 we dont have many 500 yd shots.

hmmmmm, maybe someone should tell Kenny Jarret that about his "bean field" rifles....

While I grew up in the East, and have now returned, I never hunted until I lived out West, where many weekends were spent driving hours to the area you hoped you would draw a tag for looking for deer. There weren't any trees to hunt from, but there were mountains where you could glass canyons, watch springs and seeps for track, maybe see some coming from an isolated alfalfa farm. In NV, if you were caught baiting, you were going to jail and losing your truck, gun and everything else, so I wouldn't know if kool-aid would work or not (how's THAT for topic re-veering, Brent ).

I was always told by the old timers that a proper hunt involved LOTS of walking, glassing, and really knowing the wind. While I realize here in the East, and especially the South, things are different, I don't know that I could sit in a stand watching a food plot I spent $$$$$ and time on just to get a deer. Frankly, I prefer moose, elk or antelope over venison anyway.

To each their own - as long as it is legal, responsible and ethical, then go for it
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