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They are not legal to hunt in Michigan either. A couple of years ago it was put on the ballot and anti-hunting people produced a vigorous campaign to get people to vote against hunting them. The theme of the campaign was: "There is no good reason to hunt doves." The pro-hunting side did not do a sufficient job (saw frequent commercials against hunting, few giving reasons for hunting), of countering the emotional and illogical points presented by the anti-people. So, no hunting of doves.

"They are too small to eat." But then so are shrimp.
"They do not do significant damage to crops". They eat crops and do damage, the degree to which is undermined.
"I want to continue seeing them on my bird feeder." They will still be there, hunting does not eliminate them completely.
"They are not a significant part of peoples diets ." They do however, provide variety in a diet.
"They are not a traditional game bird." The hunting of doves is the most common of all hunting.
"I do not want them killed." They are killed anyway. They are hunted in every state in their flyway as they migrate south.
"Hunting doves endangers non-targeted species of birds." Dove hunters can tell the difference between doves and other species because of how they fly and how they look in flight. States that allow dove hunting do not have a problem with non-target species (song bird), kills.
"There is not good reason to shoot doves." People from Michigan travel to other states and spend money that would be spent in Michigan if we had a dove season.

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