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I am a military spouse, and I'm a D.A.V. and I'm poor as a coyote ugly hooker... I have GO TO issues even with fishing, I can't go more than a half hour from home to fish which really get's on my nerves, but I'll not resort to Snagging them just to have food on the table.
I don't have the $ or time to go hunting out on the peninsula or in the mountains for more than a short weekend. So I rarely get my game I'm hunting...

I've never spent $ on a hunt with a guide, but, as young man I did guide work in Utah for Cougar, Bear and Elk. Never used bait but did put a LOT of work in spotting in the off season, but you don't go cougar or bear hunting for food. Ever, that's a portion of the hunt that's simply a sport, in that state.

I never overtly badmouthed baiters , but I in my own opinion (and this is where I am going to get in trouble) cannot consider hunting with bait a skill.

I see no hunting skills being employed other than standing still... It's like tree hunters back east. I've walked directly in front of hundreds of them without being spotted when hunting Maryland... Why do they sit in a tree? ?? I have no clue... I tried it with a friend for about a hour... That was the stupidest feeling I ever had... I'm GLAD that there are people that do it because that leaves me more room to hunt without having to duck under some dude's rifle barrel...

I'm NOT a hater. I just had my curiosities about baiting... Which have been answered very thoroughly for the most part.

Now come at me about my dislike for tree sitters he he he... This thread is fun!
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