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You guy's got it all wrong... I got my answer from Peetza and from treefarmer.

Fisherman, I never said anyone should feel compelled to do anything. I simply strongly stated a desire to have a valid reason for baiting which I got from two and a half reliable sources...

Mclure, I am NOT anti baiting, I simply sought an explanation I could live with.

Peetza, your second post wasn't necessary, (If I was CLEAR on the matter I would not have asked the question.......) and I am NOT attacking the baiters whether they're beginners or Masters!
I too (yes the mighty still hunter me) go home with nothing often enough, but I hunt differently than you and maybe that's why. I still think it's cheating, but that's just my opinion... I also never said it was lazy. {it is but I didn't say it... }

People in Florida that have no land larger than a few acres, I feel sorry for you... {How can you hunt in that humidity anyway... }

Art Eatman, If I don't see Bambi I go to where I DO see Bambi, or, I don't get to shoot Bambi... Not so hard to understand. Plus, I've hunted in the treeless deserts of Utah (identical to Texas but not as hot) and bagged my game, It's not hard at all if one is persistent. I've never had a deer wave at me with anything but their tails as they are departing the area when I make a mistake in the field...

That is all. I reckon that some of you would never get a deer were it not for bait, just like some people will never catch a fish without Bait {I fly fish... it's baitless, and that makes me bette than you! Ha! } It's all come down to territorial circumstances. I get it now.


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